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Explore these additional client services to enhance customer value and build your practice.

Bank Products

Drake provides everything you need to offer bank products, a popular and easy way to add revenue to your tax season, while giving your customers options to receive their refund and pay fees.

Available products vary by provider, but include refund advances*, direct deposit checks (federal and state), and prepaid debit cards.

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Payment Acceptance for Tax Professionals

Drake Pay
Convenient, flexible payment options matter to you and your customers. That's why we created Drake Pay—an optimized, secure payment acceptance solution integrated with Drake Software products you often use every day. Let your customers pay their way with Drake Pay - via credit, debit, or contactless payment methods that typically get you paid in two business days.

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Audit Assistance

Protection Plus provides Audit Assistance and Identity Theft Assistance to your clients to relieve them of the stress and frustration of receiving a letter from the IRS or state taxing authority or having their identity stolen. As a tax professional, offering Protection Plus to your clients has many benefits:

  • Increase the value of your services
  • Save you valuable time and energy
  • Increase your revenue

Spanish support is available. For more information visit, or at

Accounts Receivable Products

EPS Direct Pay
The EPS Direct Pay program is a simple and streamlined way to collect tax preparation fees from a taxpayer’s refund. The Direct Pay program is designed for the tax office that does not offer traditional tax refund bank products. Now you can offer your customers the convenience of having their tax preparation fees withheld from their refund prior to being direct deposited into their bank account.

  • The fee is $12 per taxpayer, and is paid for by the tax preparer, similar to credit card processing.
  • The program only offers direct deposit into the taxpayer’s bank account; there are no check or card disbursements.
  • Taxpayer advances and any add-on fees or franchise/network fees are not available with Direct Pay.

TPG Prep Paid
TPG now offers the Prep Paid  program for collecting tax preparation fees.

  • The fee is $15, and is collected from the tax preparation fees that will be shared with SBTPG.
  • Disbursement is limited to direct deposit or a Walmart MoneyCard.
  • The program is only valid for RT (Refund Transfer) products.
  • No advances are available with the program, and no additional fees can be charged (Drake add-on, document prep, or franchise/network fees).
  • The SPA (Software Purchase Assistance) program is not available with Prep Paid.

For more information about these products or to sign up, sign into and select Account > Bank Application.

Customer Communications

Versicom Communications offers the following services that help you strengthen customer relationships, improve retention, and grow your business:

  • Return and refund status information by toll-free phone call, website lookup, text message or email.
  • Refer-a-Friend program, putting the power of word of mouth to work for your practice.
  • Touch Point calls – maintain the personal relationship you have with your customers with automated birthday, holiday, and other calls.

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*An advance is a tax refund related loan.

Professional Organizations

We are proud to be the preferred professional tax software provider of Latino Tax Pro. Latino Tax Pro’s mission is to provide knowledge, professionalism and community to those who serve the Latino taxpayer. Their goal is to help tax professionals grow their practice and increase their profits by attracting more Latino clients. We encourage you to check out their member services at