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Drake has some exceptional programs designed to help you meet the varying needs of your tax filers.

Offer more services.
Serve more clients.
Grow your bottom line.

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Offer more payment options

More options can help you retain clients.

Fee collection made easy

Collect your fees, even if the product isn’t funded.

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Pay for your software

Funded products can help pay for your tax prep software.

Meet your clients where they are

serve icon Serve the Unbanked
Help your client get their refund on a prepaid debit card or a check printed in your office as soon as their refund is processed.

wallet iconServe the Cash-Strapped
Prepare and file your client’s taxes and receive your fee directly in your bank account when the refund is released.

recycle iconServe the Debt Jugglers
Facilitate an advance* on your client’s refund to get them money up front, so they can pay off Christmas bills, medical bills, or debt caused by an unexpected crisis.

share iconServe the Frequent Flyers
Collect your fees through a low-cost fee collection product, and your client never has to step foot in your office.

Three refund options are better than one

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Prepaid Debit Card
Load the refund on a card for secure, fast, year-round use with no check-cashing fees.

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Direct Deposit  
Send the refund directly to their bank account for immediate access.

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Printed Check  
Print a good old-fashioned paper check to provide familiarity to those who still want to come by and get something tangible.

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*An advance is a tax refund related loan.