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Get help with IRS letters, notices, and audits,
so you can focus on tax preparation.

What is Protection Plus?

Protection Plus saves tax professionals time by helping resolve client letters, notices, and audits. They also provide identity theft restoration services and business insurance.

How can Protection Plus help my clients?

The experienced professionals at Protection Plus specialize in audit defense and identity theft restoration. Audit defense is backed by a $1 Million Tax Audit Defense™, which guarantees Protection Plus will provide up to $1 million of services on every audit to get the best possible resolution for your clients.

Protection Plus Tax Audit Defense

Audit Assistance Services

Audit Assistance Services icon•  Schedule issues
•  Tax debt relief
•  Denied credits
•  Tax fraud

ID Theft RestorationProtectuin Plus ID Theft Restoration icon

•  Up to 6 months of daily credit monitoring
•  State-specific ID Recovery Kit
•  Notification of local authorities
    and financial institutions
•  Fraud alerts on credit records

Two ways to offer Protection Plus to your clients:

To learn more about how Protection Plus can help your tax office, call (800) 890-9500. Or click here to sign-up.

Also from Protection Plus

Business Insurance for Tax Pros

•  Cyber insurance providing comprehensive coverage for data breaches and cyber liability
•  General liability and property Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)
•  Professional liability Errors and Omissions (E&O)

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