Web-based Solutions

Prepare 1040 returns online with Drake’s web-based tax software, offering flexible plans for pay-as-you-go or unlimited returns.

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Choose Web1040 to file unlimited returns or Drake Zero if you prefer to pay as you go. Both offer the same streamlined features!


Drake Zero and Web1040 are web apps, so all you need is Internet access and a recent version of your browser. What this means for you:

  • Zero install, zero updates, and zero backups – No more software expenses or maintenance chores.
  • Access from anywhere. Take your laptop and work anywhere you have Internet access: office, home, coffee shop, client’s location …
  • Mobile friendly, so it also works on your tablet or phone.
  • All-inclusive – Each return includes as many state returns as you need, as well as e-filing, printing, and long-term online storage.
  • Powerful reports let you always know what’s going on with your customers and your practice. Keep track of which returns are ready to e-file, which have been accepted, which need follow-up, your fees, and more.
  • Bank products are available, so you can offer multiple refund options. Customers can choose from prepaid Visa card, direct deposit or a check printed in your office, and you can get your fees deposited the same day.
  • Free conversions* of prior-year returns. Easily convert your client data to Drake’s file format using our free conversion service. Our proprietary conversion process provides for a smooth transition with little to no downtime required for data reentry - you get back hours of time to run your business.
  • Your client returns are always secure. All your transmissions and communications are secured with industry-standard encryption, and your returns are backed up for safekeeping.

* We provide free conversion software for the most common tax software programs.

Pricing & Signup

If you are an established tax practice preparing 50 or more 1040 returns, call our sales team at (800) 890-9500 for Web1040 pricing. It’s just one flat rate for unlimited returns! Seasonal discounts available. Once you’re signed up, use the Web1040 Quick Start Guide to help you as you begin to create and file returns.

If you are new to the tax business or manage a small client base, click here to sign up for a free Drake Zero account and give it a test drive.

Drake Zero pricing includes all returns filed for the taxpayer in a given year, including the federal return, any state return(s), and extensions.

Call our sales team at (800) 890-9500 to learn more about our web-based products and painless pricing.

(800) 890-9500
    Call to sign up or learn more about Drake’s web products.