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At EPS you really can have it all. An industry leader in tax-related financial products, we pride ourselves on low-priced, efficient, and streamlined refund transfer programs, all-in-one taxpayer refund advance loans, tax office loans, as well as simple, low-cost credit, debit, and ACH processing – designed for the tax industry and integrated into Drake Software for the past decade.

Product Descriptions

We believe an educated customer is an EPS customer, and the more than 35,000 tax offices enrolled in our systems understand why. Research and compare other programs and you will understand why! Our Tax Office surveys show that 97% of our partners are likely to renew with us. Once a partner joins EPS, they typically stay with EPS! We pride ourselves on making you and your customers our priority.

Here are our 3 distinct industry leading Refund Transfer program choices:

e-Collect e-Bonus e-Advance

EPS Taxpayer Refund Advance Loans

EPS is focused on providing payment solutions for your tax business. Collect unpaid tax preparation fees from unfunded refund transfers using our e-Pay payments solutions. With our refund transfer program, you can get 50% of your prep fees up to $300 the next business day once the IRS accepts the tax return.

We lent over $500M in taxpayer advances last tax season and over $70M in tax office loans! Call us today to see how EPS can provide the best payment solutions for your business: 877-801-4411.

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