TicTie Calculate

Adobe Acrobat plugin for accountants – mark up and review tax workpapers

TicTie Calculate helps tax and accounting offices create annotated workpapers directly from PDF documents — without the paper. Created by CPaperless, TicTie Calculate works with Adobe Acrobat to let you mark up, review and work with any PDF document, simplifying the review of your tax return workpapers and client source documents.


  • Customizable tickmarks that can be added to any PDF page. Check marks, OKs, question marks, and many more symbols are built in.
  • Page sign-offs and sign-off summaries, with support for up to two reviewers
  • Hyperlinked cross references to other pages of the PDF
  • Insertable digital calculator tapes
  • Automated bookmarking and repagination
  • One-click page rotation
  • Support for multiple monitors

More information, including pricing and a trial version: https://safesend.com/solutions/tictie-calculate.php