Practice Management

Run your software and your practice just the way you want, and work better with staff and customers.


  • Setup Options – Customize Drake Tax to suit your needs. Options are flexible, and many global settings can be overridden on returns.
  • Flagged Fields force important data to be verified. Flag as you go, or set flags globally for all new returns.
  • Preparer Security – Create individual or group settings to control how the software can be used, as well as what data and screens can be accessed.
  • Multi-factor authentication – Secure your Drake Tax user account with a third-party multi-factor authentication service, such as Google,, SecurAccess, or Symantec™ VIP.
  • Return Tracking screen shows when data was first entered, when the return was last changed, when the return was last calculated, and the return’s e-filing status. You can also enter details such as interview time, client contact information, and return pickup time.
  • – Manage your Drake account, Drake bank application, fees, direct deposit account, sub-offices, and more with this convenient web application.


  • Reporting – Stay on top of the workflow of your office. Track and analyze demographics, return status, payments, billing information, and more. Choose from more than 100 built-in reports, or use the Report Manager to quickly create your own custom report.
  • Client, EF, and Scheduler reports – View and print reports on data entry, return statuses, e-filing, preparer appointments, and more.
  • Online E-filing database – Get real-time reports to see what’s been accepted or rejected, monitor bank products, even check the status of your preparer fees.
  • Multi-Office Manager – Track all of your offices’ transmissions in one online tool.


  • Client Status Manager – Follow workflow and manage productivity with on-screen tracking and reporting. Track return details, from preparer efficiency to billing revenue, even real-time accounts receivable.
  • Personal Client Manager shows returns for the logged-in preparer, helping to organize and prioritize the day. For privacy, one click hides all client data.
  • Interactive Home screen shows Personal Client Manager, preparer notes, your daily appointments schedule, and notifications.
  • Manage schedules and appointments in the Scheduler. A front office mode is available for staff who manage appointments but don’t need access to the full Drake Tax program.


  • Labels and Envelopes – Print client names and addresses for mailing labels, envelopes, postcards, pre-season and post-season letters, payment reminders, and appointment reminders. Use filters for just the clients you want.
  • Letters – Included are more than 40 pre-written letters that you can edit to suit your needs. Fully customize or write a letter with keywords and conditional paragraphs, font choices, letterhead options, and other features to enhance and personalize.
  • Invoices – Charge by form, item or return, with custom options. You can also set which charges appear on the invoice. Override billing as needed, apply discounts, carry forward a prior-year balance, record payments, and more.
  • Proformas and Organizers help save time during the rush of tax season. Organizers, which can be emailed securely as PDF files, help your clients collect their records and prepare for their appointments. Proformas guide you through client interviews and enter data more quickly.
  • Email integration – Set up Drake Tax to use your existing email account, and communicate with clients without having to leave the software. Set up different user levels to suit your workflow and security needs.
  • 7216 sample letters help you comply with IRS Regulation 7216.

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