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Create, organize and find documents, without ever needing a paper copy.

Free with Drake Tax, Drake Documents is an electronic filing cabinet for client tax documents, records and returns. It greatly reduces paper handling and storage needs for paper documents.

You’ll save money by using less paper and toner, and by cutting the staff time needed to search, sort and shuffle paper files. With Drake Documents, you can free up floor space used by filing cabinets full of customer documents.


  • Customizable cabinets, drawers and folders for organizing documents
  • Works with Drake Portals (SecureFilePro) for client file exchange and offsite backup
  • Integrated into Drake Tax – print returns to PDF and easily store
  • Password protection and watermarking for files
  • Import and export features, to easily copy and move files
  • Integrated email launcher for sending files to clients
  • Ability to link to external files
  • Administrative tracking of file activity
  • Built-in backup utility