Drake Tax System Requirements

View the minimum and recommended Drake Tax System Requirements.

Pay-Per-Return Details

Drake’s Pay-Per-Return (PPR) version may suit offices that prepare fewer than 85 returns in a year. After you’ve bought 85 returns, you'll be automatically converted to the Unlimited version at no extra cost.

The PPR package includes 15 returns for $330, with additional returns available at $22 each. You may complete numerous states, e-file, or amend a return, and it still counts as only one return.

Some additional points to keep in mind, to help you determine if the PPR version is for you:

  • PPR returns are counted as they are created in Drake. To reduce the chances of a return being created in error, SSN validation is required when creating a new return. Each return created in the Quick Estimator will count as one return. Drake test returns do not count.
  • An Internet connection is required in order to use Drake PPR.
  • When opening a return updated from a prior year, you are prompted to either count the return or open the return as read only. All fields are grayed out in read-only view.
  • SSNs or EINs may be changed through File Maintenance, but the new SSN or EIN counts as another return.
  • If you select the PPR package, you may buy Drake Accounting Pro for $495 or Forms for $395 (2021 versions).