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Taxwell Selected as Parent Company Name Representing Drake Software and TaxAct

May 1, 2023

Leading providers of comprehensive tax preparation solutions in both the professional and DIY filing markets, Drake Software® and TaxAct®, announce today that their parent company name is Taxwell™. The Taxwell brand brings together two industry-leading companies focused on partnering to strengthen their suite of filing solutions that customers rely on to successfully prepare tax returns each year.

The businesses will continue to operate under their own brands to serve their differentiated customer bases. The commencement of parent company Taxwell is an important milestone and will further provide both companies with the opportunity to align strategic goals and objectives.

Media contacts
Drake Software: Krista Lee, krista.lee@drakesoftware.com
TaxAct: Amy Roepke, pr@taxact.com

About Drake Software
Drake Software, a private company founded in 1977, provides software solutions to over 70,000 tax and accounting firms that file more than 36 million tax returns every year. Known for its award-winning customer service team, Drake is also consistently recognized for excellence in quality, value, and reliability. As part of its commitment to innovation and customer success, the company has continued to expand product offerings, integrations, and customer-service efforts—more than doubling its customers over the past decade. For more information, visit DrakeSoftware.com.

About TaxAct
TaxAct is a savvy, tax-filing solution that provides filers with affordable DIY tax software to successfully navigate the U.S. tax code. As a pioneer in the industry, TaxAct’s products enable all users – regardless of profession, tax bracket or complexity of their return – to quickly and accurately file their taxes all while discovering new ways to leverage their tax situation and improve their financial well-being. At TaxAct, taxes are our expertise, but we don’t see them as the end goal. Rather, we believe taxes are a stepping-stone to possibility. Possibilities that are unique as every filer. Possibilities that help each hardworking American not only claim the money they deserve but also enable them to make smart money decisions. We deliver the power of possibility through straightforward technology to help filers secure their best tax outcome and elevate their financial lives.

To learn more about TaxAct, a business of Cinven, Inc., visit www.taxact.com or connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.