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ETAAC Chair Releases 2023 Annual Report to Congress

July 11, 2023

The 2022-23 Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC) Chair, Jared Ballew, presented the annual report on June 28 to the IRS Commissioner and Congress. Ballew has been a member of ETAAC for three years, and is the Vice President of Government Relations at Taxwell, serving Drake Software and TaxAct.

The report is available online and primarily communicates the number of tax returns filed electronically in 2023, along with the effects of e-filing on small businesses and self-employed Americans.

The goal of the ETAAC is to promote and provide education about the convenience and security of e-filing. The organization ensures that public input is considered in the development and implementation of electronic tax administration, and it provides forums for open discussion and opportunities for taxpayers to make their voices heard. Common issues that the ETAAC promotes conversations about are identity theft, refund fraud, and small business taxes in the United States.

"As Chair of ETAAC,” says Jared Ballew, “I am thankful for the honor of presenting thoughtful recommendations to Congress and the IRS alongside the other members who serve in tax administration on behalf of the American public. I look to 2024 with optimism for positive change on behalf of the American taxpayers.”

As ETAAC Chair, Ballew is hosting the IRS Rise & Shine events during the 2023 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums, presenting Written Information Security Plans (WISP) for tax professionals. For more information, visit IRSTaxForum.com/Special_Events.

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