Drake Software Launches Drake Pay – Payment Acceptance Solution Designed for Tax Professionals 

January 25, 2024

Leading provider of comprehensive professional tax preparation solutions, Drake Software® announces the launch of an integrated contactless payment acceptance system, Drake Pay™. Available now, Drake Pay is designed to meet the payment acceptance needs of the modern tax preparer for software integration, speed to payment from clients, and security tax professionals can trust.  

Drake Pay is automated and uses Launchpay™ technology that conforms to and is certified to meet the PCI Secure Software Standard, offering Drake users the opportunity to confidently spend less time on firm administration and more energy on reaching business goals. Drake Pay also offers seamless integration with Drake Software, in-context billing, and multiple options for contactless payment in-person or online. Most importantly, this solution from Drake Software will assist tax preparers in getting paid faster—typically two days.  

Matt Jagst, Head of Product Management at Drake Software, shared, "We are excited to launch Drake Pay—a product that allows our users to accept payments more efficiently through the software platform they are already accustomed to using. Our proprietary ecosystem of products improves the Drake user experience and is always evolving. We are delighted to announce that Drake Pay is available to our users before the 2024 filing season begins." 

For more information about Drake Pay: drakesoftware.com/products/drake-pay/ 

To schedule an interview, contact: Emily McCollin, Emily.McCollin@DrakeSoftware.com or 828-200-1382 

About Drake Software
Drake Software, a private company founded in 1977, provides software solutions to over 70,000 tax and accounting firms that file more than 36 million tax returns every year. Known for its award-winning customer service team, Drake Software is also consistently recognized for excellence in quality, value, and reliability. For more information, visit www.DrakeSoftware.com 

About Infinicept 
Launchpay, a product of Infinicept, is a fast and flexible Payfac as a Service model enabling companies to quickly and easily take control of the payment experience for their customers. Infinicept is a provider of embedded payment solutions and services that help software companies gain the advantages of embedded payments, including increased revenue and more control of the merchant experience. Winner of the Electronic Transaction Association Fintech Innovation in Payments Award, Infinicept is also a founding member of the Embedded Payments Bill of Rights (EPBOR). For more information, visit www.Infinicept.com.