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What do I need to work remotely?

Working remotely requires a broadband Internet connection. Basic setups might only need tax preparation software, email, and a secure file-transfer platform. Complex arrangements use specialized software to remotely control another device and web-based applications for team collaboration. The size and type of your tax office will determine exactly what’s needed to serve your customers and meet workflow expectations.

Drake Software provides a number of solutions that can help tax professionals create or improve a remote-work setup. From securely sending and receiving files to setting up a professional tax website, these products and services can improve your efficiency when working remotely.

Drake Portals is a secure platform for exchanging client files and collecting online e-Signatures. Given the number of files transmitted by teleworking tax professionals every day, keeping that data safe is a top priority. Even better, Drake Portals is mobile friendly, features your company branding, and includes a built-in, two-way client messaging service. Learn more.

GruntWorx tax automation products eliminate manual document organization and data entry. Organize LITE and Organize convert scanned client documents into a searchable PDF that’s bookmarked in the order of the Form 1040 return. Populate pulls tax data from those scanned documents and inserts it directly into your tax software, and Trades creates import-ready Excel files from scanned Forms 1099 and consolidated brokerage statements. Learn more.

Right Networks is a secure, scalable cloud-hosting service for best-in-class applications, including Drake Tax, Drake Accounting, and Microsoft 365. Drake clients with an active software license can sign up for cloud hosting through DrakeSoftware.com, giving them access to their programs from any location with Internet access. You can also purchase other applications from the Right Networks ecosystem. Learn more.

When working from home, it also helps to have a user-friendly digital storefront where clients and prospects can find you. Some websites can offer more value to clients than contact information, like TaxPro Websites from SiteDart Hosting.  

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