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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Security

What is the Security Summit?

What is Identity Theft Tax Refund Fraud?

What are the signs of identity theft tax refund fraud?  

What is Personally Identifiable Information?

What are phishing scams? 

What is the Dark Web?  

What is the Deep Web?

What is malware?  

What is employee unauthorized access?

What is a virtual private network?

Tax Information

What is the Qualified Business Income Deduction?

What types of business income qualify for the QBI deduction?

How is QBI determined?

What is a specified service trade or business?

What is the taxable income QBI threshold for 2020?

What is the taxable income QBI threshold for 2019?

What is the taxable income QBI threshold for 2018?

What is the QBI rental real estate safe harbor rule?

Tax Pro Resources

What is telework?

What do I need to work remotely?

What is an intranet?

What are TaxPro Websites from SiteDart Hosting?

What is remote desktop connection software?

Taxing Subjects

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