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Upcoming Webinar

Upcoming Webinar

Individual Provisions of the Affordable Care Act 2014 Update

Get the latest information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how it will affect individual tax returns, beginning with the 2015 filing season. Join us for our new webinar, “Individual Provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act - 2014 Update,” which includes a peek at the drafts of the IRS's new ACA tax forms.


John Sapp, CPA and Vice President of Strategic Development at Drake Software, takes a close look at the individual provisions of the ACA and their impact on tax returns for the 2015 filing season. Watch this two-hour webinar to understand how the individual provisions of the ACA provide subsidies to low-income taxpayers so they can obtain health insurance, and how it imposes a tax on individuals who do not maintain minimum essential coverage.


  • Calculate the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment, the Advanced Premium Assistance Tax Credit repayment or refund, and the Premium Assistance Tax Credit.
  • Understand Qualified Health Coverage, Minimum Essential Coverage, and exemptions to the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment.
  • Know the health insurance reporting required for tax purposes.


Upcoming dates/times (Eastern Time):   Cost:
30-Sep 6 PM 8 PM   $39 and includes two hours of CPE (based on
a 50-minute hour).
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for this webinar to determine CPE
eligibility based on your designation.
01-Oct 2 PM 4 PM  
15-Oct 10 AM 12 PM  
22-Oct 2 PM 4 PM  

“This was probably the BEST webinar I have taken. Excellent instructor!”

“Thank you for getting right to the point and highlighting exactly what is needed. This webinar will prompt me to attend others as it was very well executed and covered exactly what I needed to understand the topic.”

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