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The New Drake Call Center

The New Drake Call Center

The New Drake Call Center

Follow the Warrior’s Path from Franklin, NC to the south and you will arrive at the former Cherokee town of Quanassee.  The county seat of Clay County, it is today called Hayesville in honor of the member of Congress who created it in 1861.  It is a charming town, a home to mountain music, and the home of Drake Software’s newest call center for customer service.

Construction of the building is about 99% complete, with all of the interior finishes (carpet, tile, paint, etc.) in place.  There are a few wood working items to finish, and the mechanical and electrical crews are finishing up this week, with testing and signoff scheduled for next week.   Work has begun on cubicles, data and fiber, server room, and other interior necessities.

In the next few days, the construction crew will begin landscaping as well as preparing to pour asphalt for the parking space. 

 The call center expansion has been a blessing for the Hayesville and surrounding communities, creating over 100 jobs in an area hit hard by the struggling economy.  We plan to move into the building by early summer.  Our customer service team is excited and looks forward to serving our customers from the new facility.  More news and photos as they become available…


Drake Software Sign

Call Center Front

Call Center BackCall Center at Night

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