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The IRS Issues “Last-Minute Tips” for 11th Hour Filers

The IRS Issues “Last-Minute Tips” for 11th Hour Filers

We’re mere days away from the filing deadline, so it makes sense that the IRS would release a set tips to help avoid any last-minute bumps in the road. Yesterday they provided a list of seven things that taxpayers can do to have a smooth tax season.

Some of these tips might be seem like a familiar year-long refrain – filing on time, making sure to reconcile the PTC – but that certainly doesn’t diminish their importance:

  1. Don’t delay.

  2. Use IRS Free File.

  3. Try IRS e-file.

  4. Visit IRS.gov.

  5. File on time.

  6. File an extension.

  7. File to reconcile Advance Payments of the Premium Tax Credit.

Source: Internal Revenue Service

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