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Tax Clients Concerned About Germs? Go Virtual with DrakePortals®

Tax Clients Concerned About Germs? Go Virtual with DrakePortals®

As we make our way through cold and flu season, maintaining timely service while being sympathetic to clients’ health needs and preferences is crucial. Masking and social distancing can be helpful while indoors, but how do you serve clients who need to meet virtually for their own comfort?

Your success is our top priority, which is why we designed DrakePortals to meet the digital needs of your tax practice.

How can DrakePortals replace in-person meetings to serve clients with health risks?

DrakePortals brings the safety and convenience of an in-person meeting to clients’ homes. In-office meetings allow casual conversation and instant answers to basic questions from both parties. Without an information exchange portal, phone calls would be the only way to discuss PII quickly (and safely, given the concerns of email and mobile text).

With DrakePortals, the built-in instant messaging feature keeps sensitive information secure with industry-standard encryption, all while making that info easily accessible to both parties. The portal is also branded with your tax practice name and logo, providing your clients a professional and personal experience.

How does DrakePortals improve my experience as a tax preparer?

The client experience is just part of what makes DrakePortals great for your practice. As the preparer, you’ll get integration with Drake Documents, too. This allows you to create folders and upload documents in one step, saving precious time and cutting the need to digitize physical paperwork.

For Drake Tax users, DrakePortals also makes file backup available to you from inside your tax software.

How can my clients access DrakePortals?

We recently released a new mobile app, SecureFilePro, which allows clients to securely access your portal from their phones. The app includes features like photo uploads and e-signature capture.

To access their files, clients simply download the SecureFilePro app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and sign in with the email address you have on file.

Where can I learn more about DrakePortals?

Our DrakePortals webpage has helpful information about the service, payment options, and even a 14-day free trial if you would like to explore the service yourself.

Susannah Hornback

When I graduated college with a focus on Creative Writing in 2016, the tax industry was the last thing on my mind. That said, I needed to eat, and there was a nine-to-five opportunity I couldn’t pass up. All these years later, I am still amazed at how rewarding it is to put complex tax concepts into words that anyone can understand. Maybe I ended up exactly where I was supposed to be.