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Sales From the Road 07-01

Sales From the Road 07-01

Stephen Drake 

Some say that sales is either a skill that can be learned or that you have to be born with it. Drake Sales Representative Stephen Drake benefits from both.

Stephen caught the sales bug from an early age, he began working for Drake Sales while in high school. His father, Warren Drake is the President and CEO of Drake Ventures. Stephen began his career as his dad’s assistant, as well as traveling to sales appointments and meetings.

“I learned what I do largely from my dad, but also from all of the sales reps I have worked with,” he says. “I’ve also learned a lot from the many accountants and tax preparers I’ve met all across the country. My experiences have taught me a lot about taxes, tax software, and what preparers want.”

While working for his father, Warren Drake, he attended Bryan College in Tennessee. He also worked for years with the Drake Internet subsidiary, Dnet. Three years ago he rejoined Drake in corporate sales. He is currently attending Liberty University, where he is in his junior year studying network engineering.

Stephen is a self-admitted adrenaline junkie. “Mostly I enjoy water sports and staying mobile,” he says. “I do play golf, but I am not all that good at it. Roller coasters, sky-diving, and fast cars are more to my liking.”

When Stephen is not out on an adventure, he also likes to read non-fiction. “I find reading educational material related to work or personal interests far more satisfying than fiction,” Drake notes. “Having said that, however, I do like video games. But then I am in the software business, so that should be expected.”

As for plans, he is happy for the moment where he is. “I am glad to have the opportunities I have, particularly the interactions with our customers,” Drake adds. “I love my job, communicating with end-users or on the road doing seminars and trade shows. I don’t plan to give this up any time soon. At the same time, I have always had it in mind to open a tax service and put all I have learned to good use.”

Stephen Drake






Call 800.890.9500 or email Stephen.Drake@DrakeSoftware.com with any questions you have about Drake Software.

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