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Register Now for eServices Access

Register Now for eServices Access

If they haven’t done so already, tax professionals need to register now for access to the IRS’ e-Services tools. Recent security upgrades require that all e-Services users re-register through the site’s more rigorous identity verification and two-factor authentication process called Secure Access.

To get started, the IRS recommends taking some steps that can make the re-registration process a little easier. First, take a little time to review important Information about Your e-Services account and Secure Access: How to Register for Certain Online Self-Help Tools. The IRS also has helpful FAQs about e-Services and Secure Access. Both of these web pages can help you register online successfully.

Next, access your account by going to your normal login page and enter your e-Services username. The site will show you a prompt that will direct you through the new registration process.

Those e-Services users who cannot register online with Secure Access and who need exception processing should call the e-Help Desk at 1-888-841-4648 (select the language, choose prompt 1 and stay on the line until an operator picks up). The desk is open 7:30 a.m. Eastern to 7 p.m. Eastern. Callers must have access to their email account and their tax return information – including related information documents.

The IRS asks that tax pros make an attempt to register online before contacting the Help Desk.

There are a few more additional points about the registration process to keep in mind:

  • If registrants require an activation code by mail, it may take up to 10 business days to receive this code, which will enable them to complete the registration process.
  • If preparers registered previously through Secure Access (via Get Transcript, IP PIN, etc.) they need only to enter their e-Services username and your Secure Access password. Do not make more than two attempts. If you can’t remember your password, use the “forgotten password” feature.
  • If registrants have obtained a new mobile phone number, the vendor may not be able to validate it and the activation code should be requested to be delivered by mail.

Once an activation code has been requested by mail - either online or through an IRS telephone representative – do not continue to attempt to register online.

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