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Reduce Stress Now

Reduce Stress Now

Tax professionals are no strangers to stress. 
Here are a few suggestions to help you deal with the stress of tax season.

Don’t over-extend yourself.  By now, you’ve undoubtedly noticed time doesn’t stand still during tax season.  You’re probably seeing a lot of foot traffic throughout the office, your phone is likely ringing much more than usual, and your time at home is quite possibly little-to-none.  It’s only natural that the chaos of tax season is stressing you out a bit.  Be careful not to take on too much.  Try not to pencil in extra activities that might take up precious time, adding to your stress.  Allow yourself to say no. If you make time for things you enjoy, your stress level will always be lower.

Manage your time. 

Finding time for emails, unexpected clients, and telephone calls can leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially during tax season.  Managing your time is essential to maximizing productivity.  Are you a morning person or do you prefer evenings?  Set aside uninterrupted time during that part of the day to catch up on emails, voicemails, and social media.  This will allow you to focus on the client and not the clock.  Also, learn to delegate.  Track the time it takes for each task and adapt your schedule. If you see you need more staff…hire them. Consider offering an internship to a local college student.

Take care of you.  Eat your breakfast, take your vitamins, and take time for you.  Don’t forget to get exercise and never give up sleep.  When you’ve had enough sleep, you feel better, work harder, make better decisions, and handle the stress of tax season.

Stick to your routine.  There are several things you have to do each and every day.  Try to get into a routine and follow it.Pick a specific time to return phone calls, check emails, and end your day at the office. 

If you stick to your routine, you can get more done in less time, thus reducing your daily stress.



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