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Reason to Celebrate

Reason to Celebrate

Reason to Celebrate

Once again, tax season has come and gone.  We’re breathing a little easier, sleeping a little longer, and smiling a little more.  We’ve conquered the beast and now, it’s time to celebrate!

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the End of Tax Season

10. Enjoy the arts.  Visit a museum, catch a comedy show, see a play, or let loose at a concert.

9. Schedule an outdoor adventure.  Take a hike, go camping, enjoy a bike ride, or try something exciting like ziplining or parasailing.

8. Have a ball.  Schedule a tennis match with a long-lost friend, enjoy a game of golf with your favorite colleagues, or take the family out for a game of bowling.

7. Tackle your “to do” list.  Start working on home improvement projects, visit with those relatives you haven’t seen in years, or organize your filing cabinet.

6. Take on a new hobby.  Learn to cook, take an art class, go antiquing, or learn to play chess.

5. Revisit your childhood.  Have a water balloon fight, run through a sprinkler, go roller-skating, or play a game of marbles.

4. Commit to a tech-free day.  Turn off your cell phone and shut down your computer.  Spend the day listening to the birds sings, read the paper or look at a magazine, and enjoy a little quiet time.

3. Plan a day of family fun. Catch an afternoon movie, enjoy a game of mini-golf or laser tag, visit a local arcade, or go out for ice cream.

2. Take a trip.  Sink your feet in the sand at your favorite beach, enjoy the view from your favorite mountain retreat, or set sail on a cruise to somewhere peaceful.

1. Stay at home.  You’ve worked hard for a place to call your own.  Enjoy it.  Put your feet up and catch up on your favorite TV shows, read a book, or take a nap.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Congratulations on a job well done.  Take a little time to celebrate another successful tax season.  You deserve it.


by Kenya Hoffart, Industry Writer

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