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Real People, Real Answers, Real Quick

Real People, Real Answers, Real Quick

Drake Software provides customers with unbeatable support options

Well, here we are...Tax Season. So, what do you do?

For most, the easiest way to get the help they need is to pick up the phone.  If you are lucky, your software provider includes quality support when you need it, and during tax season, you need answers fast.   If you’re a Drake Software customer, you already know support representatives work hard to solve your software problems.  

Drake Software understands the importance of providing customer service when it’s needed, and takes pride in being the best in the industry. Support calls are answered on average in under 10 seconds. No phone tree. No recordings. Just answers.  But what happens if you need help outside of phone support hours? Drake offers an extensive online Knowledge Base so you can find answers to your questions. 

They also provide an online tax research tool, broadcast emails, an Evaluation Guide, a User’s Manual, on-screen help, a quick Reference Guide, and email support.  In addition, they have educational videos available on Drake Software.com, an Electronic Training Center (ETC), as well as online Forums where tax professionals just like you can discuss tips and tricks of the software, industry news, and much more.  And, of course, they are available on all the social media outlets, allowing you to receive updates and news in any site you choose.

Here are some things your colleagues are saying about Drake Software:

“It’s so fantastic to call support and get somebody immediately who knows what the problem is and can help you fix it.”

“The support is absolutely wonderful.  I have never once, never in 18 years, never dialed the number and got a recording.”

“During tax season, I need answers and I need them quickly, and when I call Drake I get an answer quickly.”

“The customer support department is wonderful. You can pick up the phone anytime, night or day, and you a get a live person…and they always find an answer for me.”

“The support is excellent.”

Customers new to Drake are often amazed when they call and a real person with real answers picks up the phone.  The last thing you need during tax season is additional stress; Drake Software and their support team are dedicated to help you succeed.


By Kenya Hoffart, Industry Writer

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