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PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

Drake Zero Offers the Best Online Tax Preparation Solution

Franklin, NC (December 2012) – Zero installs. Zero updates. Zero backups. It is now possible at an affordable price with Drake Software’s online tax preparation solution – Drake Zero.

Available with either multi-site licensing or pay-as-you-go return purchasing, Drake Zero has all the features tax professionals need to prepare individual tax returns. Drake Zero is a web application, and the only requirements to use it are Internet access, a recent browser version, and Adobe Acrobat Reader for other compatible PDF viewer software. This means tax preparers can access Drake Zero anywhere they have Internet access: office, home, coffee shop, or at their client’s location.

Drake Zero is all-inclusive. Each return includes as many state returns as needed, as well as e-filing and printing. Affordable, flexible pricing, starting as low as $9.95 per return, makes it possible to buy as many or few returns as needed.

Tax preparers can upload prior-year returns to be converted to Drake Zero. They will be able to pull forward W-2s, dependents, and more each time they create a new return that has been converted by Drake Zero. This will save valuable time.

Just as important as saving time and money is security. Client returns are always safe with Drake Zero. All transmissions and communications are secured with industry-standard encryption and all returns are backed up for safekeeping.

Drake Zero also makes it possible for tax professionals to offer their clients multiple refund options, such as prepaid Visa cards, direct deposits, or checks printed right in the office. Though it’s affordable and easy to use, tax professionals should not feel like they will be sacrificing any important tax filing features with Drake Zero. They will always know what’s going on with their customers’ returns thanks to powerful Client Status Reports. These reports make it easy to keep track of which returns are ready to e-file, have been accepted, or need follow-up

Tax professionals can go to www.DrakeZero.com and sign up for free to try the Drake Zero demo. The site also offers more information about pricing and how to convert from other tax software products.

About Drake Software
For more than 30 years, Drake has provided tax preparers with fast, reliable software to prepare and file both federal and state tax returns. Today, over 34,000 customers use Drake Software. Using product evaluations, feedback from customers, and state-of-the-art programming, Drake continues to achieve its goals of consumer satisfaction and product refinement. For more information, visit www.DrakeSoftware.com or call 800.890.9500.

Brian Stork, VP of Application Development
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