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Opportunity Knocking

Opportunity Knocking

Opportunity Knocking

Having trouble finding affordable and convenient ways to meet your Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements? Are CPE requirements new to you and you’re not sure where to go or how to get started? Are you looking for ways to brush up on your tax knowledge, but prefer to learn in a self-paced, yet interactive environment?

Drake Software’s online e-Training Center, DrakeETC.com, could be just what you are looking for. It’s free to join, simple to use, and offers an array of qualifying webinars and self-study CPE courses in the areas of tax, accounting, ethics, and tax software.

Drake’s Webinars are designed to provide you an easy and effective way to enhance your knowledge through online education. Whether you are new to the subject, need CPE, or just want a refresher course on a subject matter, attending a Drake webinar is a valuable use of your time. Earn CPE credits simply by attending the event. Live panelists at the webinars provide the opportunity to ask questions during the presentation. Track the webinars you’ve completed and print your CPE certificates through your e-Training Center account. Webinars are offered at various dates and times, and new courses are added regularly.

Drake’s Tax Courses introduce the fundamentals of tax preparation in an interactive format, and are self-study courses, so you learn at your own pace. Basic and Intermediate 1040 courses, and basic courses for 1120, 1120S, and 1065 are available.

The e-Training Center has offered quality training and CPE credits to its more than 60,000 enrolled students since the site’s launch in 2006. It’s available to all preparers, not just Drake Software customers.

So here’s your opportunity. Go to DrakeETC.com, open your e-Training Center account today, and make the task of getting your CPE simple and easy.

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