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Number of PTIN Holders Up 50,000

Number of PTIN Holders Up 50,000

Number of PTIN Holders Up 50,000


Accounting Today reports that the IRS Return Preparer Office has updated total numbers of federal return preparers who hold PTINs.  According to the RPO, 743,331 preparers held PTINs as of January 3, up from the approximately 690,000 who held them last October. The by-credentials breakdown:


Data current as of 1/3/2014

Number of Individuals with Current Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTINs) for 2013†


Professional Credentials‡



Certified Public Accountants


Enrolled Actuaries


Enrolled Agents


Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents




Other Categories

Supervised Preparers*


Non-1040 Preparers*




† Cumulative number of individuals issued PTINs since 9/28/2010: 994,278

‡ Some preparers have multiple professional credentials.

* These numbers do not include attorneys, certified public accountants, or enrolled agents. Also, preparers may be both supervised and non-1040 filers.



Sources:  IRS Return Preparer Office; Accounting Today at http://www.accountingtoday.com/news/number-of-ptin-holders-up-50000-69361-1.html

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