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New State Forms Added to Drake Tax

New State Forms Added to Drake Tax

Of all the factors that go into choosing tax software, one of the most important is support for state tax forms that apply to your clients. Drake Software is proud to announce the latest Drake Tax state form updates that will help tax professionals better serve clients in the 2023 filing season.

Note: Most of these forms are new and do not have public versions yet, so links redirect to informational pages rather than the forms themselves. Visit your state department of revenue page periodically for the latest tax forms and updates.

Which states have updated tax form support or e-file in Drake Tax?

Additional forms and e-file availability have been added for 10 states:

  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

While Washington has historically had no state tax return, 2023 will be the first year that Washington filers can claim the new Working Families Credit.

Which tax forms are newly supported in Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, and Iowa?

Four states have small but impactful updates:

  • Arkansas now has support for pass-through entity return support, including e-file
  • Florida now has support for e-file of 1120X and 1065 returns
  • Illinois now has support for e-file of individual amended returns
  • Iowa now has support for pass-through entity returns, including e-file

Which tax forms are newly supported in Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin?

Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin have significant updates to tax form support:




  • e-File of business packages
  • The Property Tax Credit
  • The Credit for Purchase of a Nebraska Residence in a Designated Extremely Blighted Area


  • Returns for Multnomah County Preschool in Portland, including e-file for all residency statuses
  • Metro Supportive Housing Services in Portland, including e-file capability for all residency statuses
  • e-File for Corporate Activity Tax (CAT) returns to Individual, Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary package


  • The Working Families Credit, including e-file


Where can I learn more about state tax forms supported by Drake Tax?

For a list of supported state forms, individual and business packages, and e-filing features, visit our Tax Packages page and choose a state fact sheet from the Select States drop list.

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