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Mr. Jerry Kittrell: A Man of Service

Mr. Jerry Kittrell: A Man of Service

Mr. Jerry Kittrell came from humble beginnings, from Kittrell, North Carolina, where his family settled in the    1700s.  He was raised on a small farm and was the youngest of eight children.  One thing Mr. Kittrell knew for sure, he didn’t want to be a farmer.  So, he enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1960, where he served courageously for 21 years. He served two tours of duty in the Vietnam War and considers himself a true patriot.  In fact, at 69 years young, Mr. Kittrell says he’d serve again if he could.

He retired from the Air Force in October 1981 with the rank of Senior Master Sergeant, E-8. He settled in Goldsboro, NC near Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Familiar with the difficulties military personnel face finding affordable insurance, he felt he’d have a niche selling automobile insurance. He was correct in his hunch, and his insurance business grew.

In 1986, he purchased the building next door to a tax preparation office. He had noticed there was always a steady flow of foot traffic, even to the point of crowds standing in the rain just to file their taxes. They seemed eager to try this new fad called “electronic filing.”  This observation inspired him to branch out from the insurance business and in 1989; Mr. Kittrell became a tax preparer and the proud owner of VIP Tax & Accounting.

VIP Tax & Accounting is open year-round providing tax preparation, notary public, and check cashing services.  They serve up to 1,500 tax clients and e-File a large percentage of their returns each year. With their prime location near the Air Force Base, they process tax returns for every state each season.

From the beginning, Mr. Kittrell knew he needed reliable tax preparation software.  He attended an IRS Forum to see what other tax preparers were using.  More than half the people he spoke with relied on Drake Software, so he decided he’d give Drake a try.  Over twenty years later, he is still relying on Drake Software for his tax preparation needs.

Mr. Kittrell feels Drake Software is easy to navigate, and enjoys the reporting options, and states the yearly enhancements “can’t be beat.”  He has the tools needed to run a successful tax practice and appreciates that Drake offers all state software programs at no additional cost.  He says, “We save money by using Drake, which has helped this business succeed.”

Mr. Kittrell attributes his professional successes to his determination, his ability to manage, and his ability to lead and observe.  He’s quick to say his military service helped him fine-tune each of these aspects as he uses a lot of the leadership skills he attained when he attended the Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Academy.  He also uses a lot of the knowledge he attained while studying Business Administration at Wayne Community College.  But most importantly, he attributes his success to his wife, Ann.  He feels she’s the backbone of their business and a true partner to him in every way.  Mr. Kittrell and his wife, Ann, have been married for 50 years. They have three daughters, three grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren with a fourth on the way.

Once Mr. Kittrell is ready to retire, he plans to enjoy some of his favorite activities, such as playing golf with his son-in-law and grandson and spending more time at the shooting range.  He anticipates selling his practice to his current Office Manager, Mr. David Dietrich.  Mr. Dietrich is also a veteran of the US Air Force, so the determination and loyalty Wayne county tax customers have appreciated for years will continue.

Mr. Kittrell is definitely a man of service.  Whether he’s serving his country, his customers, or his family, he is a man dedicated to helping others.  We salute you, Mr. Kittrell, for your loyalty and for your commendable service to others.


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