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Making the Most of Your Mornings

Making the Most of Your Mornings

Successful days start with successful mornings.  And successful mornings require good habits to help you start your day off right.  After a good night’s sleep, both your mind and body are rejuvenated.  You have a fresh outlook on what the new day has in store, so it’s a great time to focus on what it will take to make your day a success.   

What steps should you take to start you day off on the right foot?  Well, it’s different for everyone, but here are a few suggestions to help you begin your day:

Make time for yourself.  How would you describe a perfect morning? Would it start with a wholesome breakfast in the sun-room, or maybe a run before the sun has peaked over the horizon? The way you choose to start your morning can benefit you throughout the day. Start your day out by doing something you enjoy and set the mood for a successful day.

Look ahead.  Every good plan starts by having a goal.  Start each new day out by making goals for yourself.  Prioritize your “to do” list in a way that will allow you to accomplish what’s most important first.  And if you’re having a hard time accomplishing daily tasks, consider tracking your time so you can see what things might be keeping you from meeting your goals (too many personal phone calls, extended lunch dates, not delegating, etc.).  This will provide you with an overview that will help you eliminate bad habits that can prevent you from having a successful day. 

Make a plan.   Once you’ve determined you daily goals, create a schedule so that your tasks do not seem overwhelming. And as you move along in your day, don’t let things you’ve not already fit into your written schedule overwhelm you.  Just consider what you might need to change in the next day’s schedule so that new tasks can be added without much hassle.  You may even find that some of the more simple tasks you’re faced with in the morning can be taken care of the night before, which will allow for a little extra time the following day. 

Think logically.  When you’re trying to fine-tune your morning routine, don’t worry if it takes a little time to get everything right.  You’ll probably find yourself discovering obvious things that might permit you a little more time in the morning.  For example, going to bed 15 minutes early will allow for 15 extra minutes in the morning – that seems so logical, but it’s something most would never consider. You may be surprised how much 15 more minutes to plan your day will help your day go smoothly.  Even the smallest change to your current rituals can increase your productivity.

If you find yourself not having the success you want out of your mornings, regroup your habits and try to approach your goals from different angles.  What works now may not work later, but if you make time for yourself, look ahead to what you wish to accomplish each new day, make a plan, and think logically, you can easily adapt your routine to just what you need for a successful day.  

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