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Last Days of Tax Season Busy Ones for IRS

Last Days of Tax Season Busy Ones for IRS

Preliminary numbers are in on income tax return filings for Tax Year 2016, and they add up to a busy season.

The Internal Revenue Service says more than 135 million returns were filed during the entire Jan. 1 - April 18 filing period. On the last week of filing, more than 17 million tax returns were filed; more than 13 million of those were e-filed.

Refunds issued over the entire filing period numbered some 97 million, work over $268 billion. The average refund, the IRS estimates, was $2,763, which was up a bit from last year’s average of $2,711.

Taxpayers filed just under 1 percent more extensions than last year. Over 11 million extensions were filed. Nearly 10 million of those extensions were e-filed, an increase of 11 percent from the year before.

Individual Income Tax Returns: 2016 2017 % Change
Total Returns Received 136,528,000 135,638,000 -0.7
Total Returns Processed 129,456,000 128,789,000 -0.5
E-filing Receipts:
TOTAL 122,546,000 122,164,000 -0.3
Tax Professionals 70,864,000 70,401,000 -0.7
Self-prepared 51,682,000 51,763,000 0.2
Web Usage:
Visits to IRS.gov 325,525,568 312,255,666 -4.1
Total Refunds:
Number 97,079,000 97,104,000 0.0
Amount $263.197 Billion $268.296 Billion 1.9
Average refund $2,711 $2,763 1.9
Direct Deposit Refunds:
Number 81,221,000 81,646,000 0.5
Amount $234.269 Billion $239.410 Billion 2.2
Average refund $2,884 $2,932 1.7

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