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July Filings for Section 527 Political Organizations

July Filings for Section 527 Political Organizations

July Filings for Section 527 Political Organizations                                                     

The IRS announced the availability of the July public filings for section 527 political organizations.

The IRS has been working aggressively during the last month to review the filings in the database and evaluate appropriate solutions after being alerted in July that a substantial number of Social Security numbers were improperly included by some section 527 political organizations in their filings with the IRS. In an abundance of caution, the IRS decided to temporarily remove public access to the database containing these filings as we have been diligently reviewing the filings contained in the database and evaluating what solutions are appropriate. We are making substantial progress, and we plan to continue our efforts in this important area.

As an interim solution, the IRS has made available the new July filings available on IRS.gov. This includes more than 1,000 copies of Forms 8871, 8872 and 990 filed by groups. The August filings will be made available in the near future. It is anticipated that the IRS will re-launch the database this fall at a date to be determined.

The IRS regrets any inconvenience as it continues to work through this complex situation to ensure the public disclosure of these documents while appropriately protecting important personal information.

Source:  Internal Revenue Service



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