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Jobs for Tax Preparers in the Off Season

Jobs for Tax Preparers in the Off Season

As a tax preparer, it’s foreseeable to experience a lull in business during the off-season. A beneficial way to spend this downtime is utilizing complementary skills in additional job opportunities, ultimately maximizing your productivity and strengthening your competency in tax preparation. Review and consider what job might suit you as a tax preparer in the off-season. 

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Bookkeeping is a suitable and customary option for tax preparers in the off-season. Skilled in documenting financial transactions, generating financial statements, and producing reports, bookkeepers and tax preparers alike are well-versed in managing finances for businesses and individuals. 


  • Bookkeepers are steadily in demand year-round, therefore serving as a profitable and stable source of income during the off-season. 
  • Many bookkeeping opportunities offer remote options, increasing flexibility and offering bandwidth to create space as your schedule allows. 
  • As a method of promoting existing client relationships, bookkeeping experience enhances marketability and reputation as a tax professional. 


  • By nature, bookkeeping requires strict attention to detail and frequent verification of tasks, which can be time-consuming and tedious. 
  • Specific bookkeeping opportunities may require additional training or certification, which can be a financial burden or need prolonged time. 

Financial Planning

Another employment opportunity for tax preparers during the off-season is financial planning. Financial planners assist in strategic planning for an individual's or business's fiscal sustainability. This can be achieved through a myriad of methods, including creating detailed budget plans, developing investment strategies, and providing economic insight into retirement, insurance, and estate planning. 


  • Financial planning can yield an opportunity to concretely diversify your service offerings as a tax preparer as well as increase your income. 
  • There is often a strong sense of reward associated with helping individuals or businesses successfully implement action plans that maximize their future financial gains. 
  • As a tax preparer, you already possess a thorough understanding of financial trade, which poses a clean transition into planning services. 


  • As with bookkeeping, financial planning may require additional certifications or education that require time or extra costs. 
  • Since financial planning is a heavily relational profession, it may take time to build a client base and establish a reputation as a financial planner. 

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a desirable option for tax preparers seeking flexible job opportunities in the off-season. From writing articles and blog posts, to generating other types of content such as social media, freelance writing can vary from role to role. As a tax preparer, you can leverage your expertise in tax laws and regulations to write informative pieces for others in the industry. 


  • Freelance writing provides a flexible work schedule, allowing you to work from home and set your hours. 
  • By working within a specialized subject area, freelance writing can easily become a lucrative pursuit.  
  • Freelance writing can also further cultivate your brand as a tax preparer and solidify your authority in your field. 


  • As a highly competitive role in the current gig economy, it will likely take time and exposure to establish reliability and distinction as a freelance writer. 
  • As freelance writers are self-employed, many experience challenges in finding consistent work and maintaining stability. 

Teaching / Tutoring

Teaching or tutoring are additional job alternatives for tax preparers in the off-season. With a specialized understanding of governmental regulations as a tax preparer, you offer valuable wisdom to the general public. You can utilize this distinct expertise of abstruse topics to teach or tutor others who are looking to improve their understanding of tax laws and tax preparation. 


  • Teaching or tutoring provides a sense of accomplishment and gratification as you share your experience with others. 
  • Depending on your area of specialty, teaching or tutoring services can be expensive and provide a profitable source of income. 
  • As you teach or tutor others, it’s possible to experience a progression of your renown, impressionability, and reputation in the field. 


  • Depending on the method in which services are offered, additional training or certifications may be legally required for this role. 
  • Garnering students or clients to enroll in your tutoring or teaching services requires time, influence, and extensive networking. 

Business Consulting

Business consulting is a potential area of exploration for tax preparers who are seeking work during the off-season. Consulting involves imparting guidance and expertise to businesses on various aspects of their operations, such as financial management, marketing, and strategic planning. As a seasoned professional in preparing taxes, you offer a rigorous understanding of financial efficacy within the business realm. 


  • Business consulting provides an engaging opportunity to diversify your services, hone your existing skills as a tax preparer, and increase your income. 
  • Assisting businesses in achieving their goals and meeting financial targets offers a tangible method of establishing your credibility as a finance professional. 
  • As a tax preparer, your existing financial competency provides a realistic segue into business consulting. 


  • There is a possibility of required credentials associated with business consulting before you are able to practice or find work.  
  • Given the relationships-oriented nature of the industry, it may be difficult to build a client base efficiently and establish a perceptible reputation as a business consultant. 

If you’re a tax preparer looking for work during the off-season, there are many available opportunities that will serve you in the long-term as a professional in the industry. Depending on your interests and goals, bookkeeping, financial planning, freelance writing, teaching or tutoring, and business consulting are all excellent alternatives to expand your service offerings and increase your income. By exploring these options during the off-season, you can progress your career as a tax preparer and position yourself for long-term success. 

While job searches can often be challenging, there are several resources you can take advantage of as a tax preparer to help you find the right fit for off-season work. In addition to well-known recruiting and networking sites such as Indeed and LinkedIn, the following are additional options that can supplement your search. 

  • Upwork.com - Upwork is a popular freelancing platform that connects businesses with independent professionals, including tax preparers. You can create a profile on Upwork and bid on relevant projects or job postings. 
  • FlexJobs.com - FlexJobs is a job search website that specializes in flexible and remote jobs. You can search for off-season jobs by entering relevant keywords and filtering your search by job type, location, and other criteria. 
  • TaxProToday.com - TaxProToday is a website that provides news, resources, and information for tax professionals. The site also has a job board where you can search for off-season jobs in the tax and accounting industry. 
  • Accountingfly.com - Accountingfly is a job search website that specializes in accounting and finance jobs. You can search for jobs by entering specific keywords and narrowing your search using job type, location, and other filters. 
  • Freelancer.com - Freelancer is another popular freelancing platform that connects businesses with independent professionals. After creating a profile on Freelancer, you can apply for job postings or bid on related projects. 

While these resources are great options, we also recommend reaching out to your existing clients and network to find off-season work. According to HubSpot, approximately 85% of jobs are filled from networking. Therefore, it’s a beneficial strategy to maintain a high level of engagement during tax season, not only for your role as a tax preparer, but also to broaden your network as you search for off-season positions. Here’s a few steps you can take:  

  • Reach out to your existing clients. It’s probable that some of your clients need additional financial or accounting services during the off-season. Whether it be bookkeeping, financial planning, or other services, there could be untapped potential within an already-established connection in your client base. Drake Software offers extensive resources to supplement what you may need to provide this professional support; utilize Avantax to access innovative tools to offer aid with wealth management, or receive comprehensive bookkeeping software and unlimited content when you subscribe to Drake Accounting
  • Attend networking events. Seek out local networking events, trade shows, and conferences to connect with other professionals in your industry. These events can be a great way to meet potential clients or employers and learn about new job opportunities, as well as gain exposure for your name or business. Drake Software attends several such trade shows across the nation to support your holistic development and lateral connections as a professional in tax preparation. Please visit our trade show page here to see where we can serve you as a speaker or vendor. 
  • Advertise your services. Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to advertise your services, highlighting positive client reviews and making connections with business partners or competitors. For a more classic approach, you can also create flyers and distribute them in your local area to attract potential clients. 
  • Contact staffing agencies. Search for workforce services that specialize in accounting and finance jobs to see if they have any off-season work available. They may have temporary or contract positions that align with your skills and experience. One online platform that employs contract tax workers and connects them with clients is TaxFyle. Simply submit your contact information to learn more about joining their online workforce network of freelance tax preparers. 
  • Offer your services on a part-time or freelance basis. Consider offering your services on the side during the off-season or freelance to businesses in your local area. Through your advertising and networking endeavors, you can connect with potential clients and offer year-round services. 

While finding jobs for tax preparers in the off season may require some creativity and persistence, it can be financially and holistically beneficial as you increase your income, diversify your job potential, and supplement your skills as a tax preparer. 


Emily McCollin