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It’s All a Part of the Plan

It’s All a Part of the Plan

The new year brings promise of great things ahead.  People everywhere are making resolutions, looking forward to what the new year may bring, and developing plans to help them reach their goals.  As tax professionals, we know the importance of making plans.  More importantly, we know the importance of sticking to a plan and trusting our decisions.

Last month, we met Jerry Kittrell, owner of VIP Tax & Accounting in Goldsboro, North Carolina.  We also learned a little about his Office Manager, David Dietrich.  Both Mr. Kittrell and David are men who make a plan and stick to it.  They both made a plan to serve in the United State Air Force early in adulthood and made careers of honoring and serving our great country.  They served for 21 and 26 years, respectively.  

When Mr. Kittrell was ready to retire from the armed forces, he made a plan to start a business that would allow him to stay in the Goldsboro area and serve the community he had grown to love.  He built a successful tax business and has a clientele to which he can relate to better than most.  His tax practice is located just outside Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, which allows him to serve the men and women of the military year after year.  And when he retires from the tax industry, he has a plan that will allow his business to grow and thrive.  The first step in his plan was to find someone who was both willing and able to learn the business he built from the ground up, and to find him/her in time to help groom them for the challenge. 

When Mr. Kittrell met David at a job interview a few years back, he immediately saw David as a man of honor and commitment, something he knew was necessary for his business to continue to operate in the manner in which it was built.  David fit in his plan well, so he hired him and has been helping him prepare to take the reins when the time comes.  Mr. Kittrell is happy to know David will take over with the same commitment and desire to serve his customers are used to.  It’s all a part of his plan, and it’s all a part of David’s plan too.

David is a well-educated family man.  Together with his wife, he has five grown children.  He hopes one day his eldest son will join him at VIP Tax & Accounting and become his successor.  That’s part of his plan.

Drake Software continues to be part of the business plan for VIP Tax & Accounting too.  In fact, Drake has been there for Mr. Kittrell since the start of his business back in 1986.  And David plans to keep Drake a part of that plan for years to come.  He said, “The software is comprehensive and the updates are always accurate and timely.”  He continued, “Drake, on many occasions, has been there for our office when we needed help clarifying software issues and/or questions. The customer service and software technicians are very courteous and knowledgeable. I can’t see why anyone would use any other software to prepare their tax returns.”  Drake values VIP Tax & Accounting as a customer and a business partner.  After all, they’re part of Drake’s success.  And, as you may have guessed, that’s all part of Drake Software’s plan.

As you set goals for the new year and make plans to help you succeed, don’t forget how important it is to have a strong support system on your side – whether it’s office personnel, a business partner, or even friends and family, be sure they’re all part of your plan.  We wish you great success in the coming year, and always. 


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