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2023 Contactless Tax Preparation [Infographic]

2023 Contactless Tax Preparation [Infographic]

Is contactless tax preparation the future of the industry?

While the 2020 filing season jettisoned the tax industry into a virtual arena, the 2023 season seems to indicate that contactless tax preparation has some staying power as tax professionals continue to adapt to the needs and preferences of their clients.

Drake Software has been keeping an eye on the contactless prep trend through a yearly survey of tax professionals. More than 900 participants from tax offices around the nation (including attorneys, CPAs, EAs, and preparers) shared their preferences and insight in the 2023 Contactless Tax Preparation survey.

Participants answered more than 20 questions addressing topics such as the following:

  • Client interest in no-contact, completely virtual preparation
  • Client-facing portal systems
  • The number of returns prepared with no in-office contact
  • Preparer interest in providing contactless services post-pandemic

For the results, download the Drake Software 2022 Contactless Tax Preparation Infographic.

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