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IRS to Extension Filers: You May Need 2014 AGI to E-file

IRS to Extension Filers: You May Need 2014 AGI to E-file

Electronic Filing Personal Identification Number to be Phased Out

Taxpayers who filed for an extension and now have an Oct. 17 filing deadline may need the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from their 2014 return in order to e-file this year.

The Internal Revenue Service is reminding all taxpayers they should keep tax records – including returns and supporting documents – for a minimum of three years. And keeping those records handy will be more important in the very near future for those taxpayers who prepare their own returns.

In the past, taxpayers were identified by two separate identification numbers: the Electronic Filing Personal Identification Number issued by the IRS and a five-digit number selected by the taxpayer.

Use of the Electronic Filing Personal Identification Number (PIN) is being phased out by the IRS. Those taxpayers who obtained an e-filing PIN in 2016 are being allowed to use that PIN to e-file – but only for this year. All other taxpayers will use a five-digit self-selected PIN; but they will also be asked for either their prior-year AGI, or their prior-year, self-selected PIN and their date of birth.

Where to Find It

Adjusted Gross Income is gross income minus certain adjustments. On 2014 tax returns, AGI is found on Line 37 of Form 1040, Line 21 on Form 1040A, and Line 4 of Form 1040EZ.

Taxpayers who e-filed but didn’t keep a copy of the 2014 return may contact their tax preparer. Otherwise, taxpayers can visit IRS.gov/Transcript and use the Get Transcript Online feature for immediate access. Use the Tax Return Transcript and look for Adjusted Gross Income.

To use the Get Transcript Online tool, taxpayers have to pass the new Secure Access authentication to get their transcripts. Taxpayers who can’t pass the new security system can instead opt to get transcripts by mail, or call 800-908-9946 to have a transcript mailed.

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