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IRS releases preliminary report on ObamaCare inquiries

IRS releases preliminary report on ObamaCare inquiries

IRS Releases Preliminary Report on ObamaCare Inquiries 

The IRS on Saturday reported handling more than 330,000 requests from ObamaCare exchanges to calculate whether Americans are eligible for federal tax credits when purchasing insurance through the program, Fox News reports. 

The release provides some indication on how many people are attempting to buy insurance through the exchanges in their first four weeks of operation and how many are seeking federal financial assistance.

The agency said it is receiving about 80,000 data requests daily. 

The IRS said it “remains on track with implementing its portion of the Affordable Care Act and continues actively supporting the Health Insurance Marketplaces,” amid widespread problems with the online exchanges and resulting backlash. 

The Obama administration has yet to release information on the number of Americans who have bought insurance through the exchange, perhaps the best indicator of public interest and the success of the program, but has vowed to in the coming months. 

The IRS also reported that it has received and responded to more than 1.3 million requests from the marketplaces about household income and the size of families, which the agency called “critical” information in determining applicants’ eligibility for “income-based financial assistance.”



Source:  Fox News at http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/10/26/irs-released-preliminary-report-on-obamacare-inquiries/

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