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IRS Releases Details on PTIN Holders

IRS Releases Details on PTIN Holders

IRS Releases Details on PTIN Holders

The Return Preparer Office of the IRS has released details on the professional credentials of those who currently hold Preparer Tax Identification Numbers.

Just over 690,000 people hold PTINs, which are required of all paid tax preparers. By far the largest professional group among them are CPAs, with 214,267 PTINs. Enrolled Agents follow with 46,795 PTINs, and attorneys with 31,972. (There is overlap, as some preparers have multiple credentials.)

The IRS also noted that there are 62,533 supervised preparers with PTINs, and 50,858 non-1040 preparers.

Data current as of 10/2/2013

Number of Individuals with Current Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTINs) for 2013†


Professional Credentials‡



Certified Public Accountants


Enrolled Actuaries


Enrolled Agents


Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents




Other Categories

Supervised Preparers*


Non-1040 Preparers*




† Cumulative number of individuals issued PTINs since 9/28/2010: 952,391

‡ Some preparers have multiple professional credentials.


Since 2010, the IRS has cumulatively issued PTINs to 952,391 individuals.



Source:  Internal Revenue Service at Return-Preparer-Office-Federal-Tax-Return-Preparer-Statistics


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