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IRS Info About Deadline, Insurance

IRS Info About Deadline, Insurance

IRS Tax Tips Cover Filing Deadline and Self-Insured Employers

This week, the IRS released tips for taxpayers: the first regarding the deadline for those with an automatic six-month filing extension, and the second involving employers who are self-insured.

October 15 Filing Deadline

If one of your clients has an automatic six-month filing extension, then October 15 is the deadline for filing their 2014 return. While taxpayers have until the 15th to file, they can submit their 2014 return anytime before that date. Aside from providing links to online means of filing a return, the article recommends filing before the deadline - especially if a taxpayer is expecting a refund.

Self-Insured Employers

This update clarifies a former tax tip, indicating that self-insured employers who don't have 50 full-time equivalent employees will need to submit Form 1095-B. The updated tip provides links to more information about annual returns, what constitutes a "large employer," and Form 1095-B.

Sources: "Tax Tip 2015-11:  No Need to Wait Until Oct. 15 Extension Deadline to File"; "Employers Providing Self-Insured Health Coverage Must Report on Information Returns"

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