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“IRS Email” Scam

“IRS Email” Scam

“IRS Email” Scam Targets Novice Tax Preparers

Tax Season may be over, but scammers are pressing hard to separate taxpayers and tax preparers from their money. Scammers have unleashed a flood of bogus IRS emails targeting tax preparers because they have access to the personal information of their clients.


These look so legitimate, that even novice tax preparers might fall for the scams. Unless you knew that the documents, dates on the email, the people signing the email were not right, you would think action was required on your part to prevent a visit to your office by a team of IRS agents. One email titled "Fraudulent Refund Crackdown" said to prevent a "team of agents" from the IRS visiting their office, "you are therefore requested to submit at least ten W-2 forms." 



95% of all emails that come from IRS.gov, are fraudulent. That's the disturbing reality of this scam,  according to the security firm Agari.  As a result, there is a spike in identity theft and the problem is getting worse. 



To prepare: review your privacy policy to confirm your clients’ documents are secure and be aware of email scams so that your clients don't become the next ID theft victims.

by Dave McClure, Industry Writer



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