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IRS EIP Webinar Postponed

IRS EIP Webinar Postponed

The April 23, 2020, IRS “Economic Impact Payment Discussion” webinar is postponed!

The IRS announced that today’s “Economic Impact Payment Discussion” webinar has been postponed. The notification did not cite any specific reason for the postponement, but organizations across the country are facing logistical difficulties as a result of coronavirus-related disruptions. The IRS like many private businesses has ordered its staff to work from home, leading to the temporary suspension of a wide variety of services.

Where can I learn more about Economic Impact Payments?

The IRS noted that tax professionals can get current coronavirus tax relief information from the Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments web page on IRS.gov. This page aggregates recent IRS announcements about a number of EIP topics:

Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments also lists information about recent updates to health and retirement plans, public health announcements about COVID-19, promotional material to help educate your clients, and more.

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