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Hiring Seasonal Workers

Hiring Seasonal Workers

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Hiring Seasonal Tax Preparation Staffers

By James Stork, Senior Vice President at Drake Software

This paper is a primer on how to find, appraise, and hire seasonal staffers, with information on how these workers are covered under the law and the Affordable Care Act.

No one knows how many seasonal tax preparation staffers are hired each year in the United States, but the number easily can be counted in the hundreds of thousands.  Research firm IbisWorld calculates that there are some 110,000 tax preparation firms nationwide, generating in 2013 some $9 billion in revenues and preparing more than 114 million tax returns.  Other estimates put the number of firms as high as 130,000.

Of these, FranchiseHelp.Com estimates that nearly 40 thousand are franchises of one of the four major national tax preparation brands.  Based on the number of seasonal employees reportedly hired (or planning to be hired for 2014), we can easily surmise that this tax season will see the hiring of more than 500,000 staffers.

Hiring these staff members would be relatively easy if the best ones returned each year, or if they were all hired to do the same tasks.  But this is not the case.  Seasonal staffers take tax work for a variety of reasons – to supplement their regular jobs, to supplement retirement income, or to help pay for college.  Each seasonal worker has different work and salary needs; each may need to start or stop taking seasonal work in any year.

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