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Google Shortcuts You Should Know...

Google Shortcuts You Should Know...

 We're all about saving time, and Google has some shortcuts that will do just that!

If you just type the equation in the Google search bar, Google will generate the Google calculator.

Unit Conversions

Type a search in the form X unit to unit, such as degrees f to c

Example...Miles to Kilometers

Currency Conversions

For instance, usd to cad....


Your IP Address



Local or elsewhere...


Time Now where you are, just type "time"  or somewhere else...

Package Tracking
Enter a UPS, USPS, or Fedex tracking number


Dictionary Definitions

Search for define word – Google will show you the definition of the word, along with a button you can click to hear the word pronounced aloud.



Flight Tracking


A more  extensive list of things that Google can do to save you time can be found here.

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