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Get Referrals by Following the Law of Contribution

Get Referrals by Following the Law of Contribution

Get Referrals by Following the Law of Contribution

The Law of Contribution: “The level of your success and happiness is proportional to the number of people you serve selflessly.”

So how can a business get more referrals by following the Law of Contribution? According to Michael Hartzell, Inbound Marketing professor and successful marketing trainer, referrals are a symptom.

“I believe if you are committed and have amazing service, you will get referrals. It is the nature of humans,” Hartzell said. Once people have experienced your actions, they will have something to talk about.  “If all they hear is talk, there is little to refer,” he added.

This has been the case for more than 30 years for Hartzell and has not changed because of the Internet. “You know the truth of the matter is based on simple human nature. Those who do, get referrals. Those who talk, about what they do keep hoping for referrals,” explained Hartzell.

Here are some tips any business owner can follow to get more referrals:

  • Be helpful.
  • Offer value.
  • Listen.
  • Make sure people get what they need or want whenever possible.
  • Don’t strategize relationships.
  • Try to help 25 people this week with a tip or idea.

Bottom line: Do not help people for the reason of getting referrals.

Instead, follow the Law of Contribution: Do the most you are able to help them simply because you want others to achieve success and get what they need.


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