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E-File Employer Forms with Drake Accounting

E-File Employer Forms with Drake Accounting

Welcome to the first in our three-part series highlighting Drake Accounting features that can help you better serve clients! This week, we are focusing on how our integrated, full-scale accounting software supports electronic filing for employer forms.

Small-business clients are the cornerstones of many tax and accounting practices across the country. Having efficient, feature-rich accounting software can help you improve the quality of the service you provide and improve your bottom line.

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Which business forms can I e-file with Drake Accounting?

Going paperless whenever possible can streamline workflow and help you seamlessly transition from data entry to transmission. Drake Accounting enables you to save time by supporting e-file for many employer-related forms:

If you serve clients who need to report income from other sources, Drake Accounting will also e-file Forms 945, 1099, 1096, 1098, and W-2G.

Can I e-file the forms with Drake Accounting if my client keeps their own books or uses a separate payroll service?

Yes, you can e-file employer forms for clients who keep their own books or use a separate payroll service using the On-the-Fly feature in Drake Accounting. See the Drake Software Knowledge Base for more information about this process.

Where can I learn more about Drake Accounting?

For more information about Drake Accounting features and how it seamlessly integrates with Drake Tax, visit Accounting.DrakeSoftware.com. If you already have Drake Tax and want to learn how purchasing Drake Accounting can improve your business workflow, sign up for a webcast. Our expert instructors host classroom-style training that you can enjoy from any location with Internet access.

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