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Drake Top Rated in 7 NATP Categories

Drake Top Rated in 7 NATP Categories

The National Association of Tax Professionals published the results of their 2021 Software Survey, which asks respondents about their experience with their tax preparation software. The survey covers a number of topics, ranging from reliability to support—providing readers a full picture of the service they can expect when using a given product.

Once again, Drake Software earned the highest rating in several important categories.

Why are these surveys important?

Tax professionals know that success hinges on their reputation. Whether in a pastoral rural area or packed urban center, word-of-mouth recommendations from current and former clients are the lifeblood of the tax business.

That’s true for tax software developers, too.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but tax pros used to see each other—in person—at tradeshows and professional development events like the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum. And the tax software they use was always a hot topic.

Despite being a regular fixture for years before the pandemic, tax industry surveys have now become something of a placeholder for those conversations, and the results of the NATP 2021 Software Survey reinforce why so many tax pros would say they depend on Drake every year.   

How did Drake Tax do in the NATP 2021 Software Survey?

Drake Software had the highest rating in seven categories (most ratings are on a five-point scale):

  • Customer Retention (96%)
  • Reliability of Software (4.5)
  • Software Conversion Package (4.3)
  • Timely Updates After Federal Tax Law Changes/Updates (4.6)
  • Timely Updates After State Tax Law Changes/Updates (4.5)
  • Customer Service (4.6)
  • Technical Support (4.5)

The results once again confirm Drake Software’s reputation for award-winning customer service and technical support. When you also take reliability, timely tax law updates, and straightforward software conversions into account, it’s easy to see why 96 percent of the surveyed customers said they would use Drake Tax again next filing season.

Want more information about Drake Software products?

To learn more about products like Drake Tax, Drake Accounting, Drake Portals, and Drake E-Sign, check out their product pages. If you would prefer to speak to a live person, the Drake team is always happy to take your call: 800.890.9500.

Source: NATP 2021 Software Survey

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