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Drake Software 2021 Contactless Tax Preparation Infographic

Drake Software 2021 Contactless Tax Preparation Infographic

Video conferencing isn’t exactly a new development—having at least been around since the 1970s—but availability is not the same as widespread adoption. Given the preference for face-to-face meetings in business, it would require a pretty monumental sea change before video conferencing became the norm.

Then we had a pandemic.

Since preparing tax returns at minimum requires exchanging and signing documents, many tax professionals had to develop a comprehensive contactless service plan involving more than video conferencing. Whether relying on drop boxes and physical mail or specialized software, it was clear that solutions would be different from office to office.

Drake Software surveyed more than 3,800 tax professionals from across the country to learn how they chose to offer contactless tax preparation services—and whether they would continue to do so post-pandemic. Download the 2021 Contactless Tax Preparation Infographic to see the results.


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