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Drake e-Signatures

Drake e-Signatures

Drake Software e-Signature

As a tax preparer, do you think about the time it takes to sign returns and other documents? They are, after all, just signatures. But multiply those legal signatures across hundreds of tax returns in a single month, add in the cost of paper and printer ink, and the losses in time and profits can become substantial.

In the 1990s, businesses began to seek alternatives to the use of fax machines to create legally-acceptable signatures for contracts, authorization forms, consent forms and bank applications. Technology, business needs and consumer interest have now converged and are driving the use of e-Signature technology in many industries, including tax preparation.

The e-signature process is fully integrated in Drake, making it easy to incorporate into the firm’s existing workflow. e-Signatures are authentic, tamper-proof, and securely bound to the document.  Drake e-Signature eliminates the need to print, sign, and scan back into the Drake Document Manager (DDM), saving valuable time.

The e-Sign process is easy. Simply review the return on screen, allow the taxpayer to sign each signature document using a signature pad, and apply your digital signature to complete the process.

A preparer’s digital signature can be created one time and applied to each return on-the-fly. Choose Sign Now and complete the e-signing process immediately. Choose Sign Later and the document is stored in the client’s Document Manager folder. Initiate the e-signing process from the Document Manager when ready to sign. Either option, Sign Now or Sign Later, will automatically save the PDF document in the client’s Document Manager folder. Standard PDF printing options are available, such as watermarking and password protection.

Drake Software currently recommends these e-signature pads from Topaz Systems:

  • SigLite 1x5 (Model T-S460-HSB-R) – Retails for about $100 – This pad accepts a signature but only displays the signature on the computer screen as the user is signing.
  • SigLite LCD 1x5 (Model T-L460-HSB-R) – Retails for about $250 – This pad allows the signer to see the signature on the pad while signing.
  • SigGem LCD 1x5 (Model T-L462-HSB-R) - Retails for about $365 – This pad is considered more durable as it has a tempered glass, digitizing pen, and carries a longer warranty.



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