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Drake Completes State-Of-The-Art Call Center in Hayesville, NC

Drake Completes State-Of-The-Art Call Center in Hayesville, NC

Drake Completes State-Of-The-Art Call Center in Hayesville, NC

 Company invests in Significant Enhancements to Customer Service


Franklin, NC (July 6, 2014) – Follow the Warrior’s Path from Franklin, NC to the south and you will arrive at the former Cherokee town of Quanassee.  The county seat of Clay County, it is today called Hayesville in honor of the member of Congress who created it in 1861.  It is a charming town of 311 people, a home to mountain music, and the home of Drake Software’s newest call center for customer service.

“As Drake has grown, we have continued to make investments in the customer support area of our business,” says Alan Keling, Vice President of Customer Service for Drake Software.  “As a manager in customer service, I am very blessed to have that kind of commitment and leadership from the organization.  Drake Software is known for its service, but being the best in the industry means that we must constantly invest in newer, faster, and better responses to our customers.  The new call center and other investments make this possible.”

The Hayesville Call Center will begin operations this summer with new and updated call and online services that will mean less wait time for customers and faster answers to mission-critical questions.  But this call center is just the first step in Drake’s plans for customer service.

“The follow-on project, which we have now committed to, is a call center in Nashville, TN,” says Keling.  “Our commitment to being the best customer support in the industry was solidified with the acquisition of the Nashville facility. We believe that having a presence in a different time zone will benefit our customers and business partners. Our clients will benefit from Drake leveraging the talent and diversity of a vibrant city like Nashville.”

“We are excited about the opportunities that Nashville brings,” says Jamie Stiles, Vice President of Electronic Filing/Banking/Tax Development for Drake.  “This will be our first foray into developing software outside of Franklin, and Nashville opens up a large pool of talent from which we can draw.

We expect good things to happen in Nashville TN.”

“Our mission statement that hangs on the entrance to every facility states that we will honor our customers by providing the best products and service possible,” Keling notes.  “After being with Drake for more than 15 years, I am convinced that will be the case now and into the future.”

About Drake Software 

For nearly 37 years, Drake Software has been a pioneer and innovator in the tax and accounting software industries.  With the introduction of its first tax preparation software in 1977, Drake revolutionized the industry.  For more information, visit DrakeSoftware.com, or call 800.890.9500.



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