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Updates to maintenance periods

Updates to maintenance periods

The Drake maintenance period for 12/2/2013 and 12/3/2013 that was communicated on 11/20/2013 has been CANCELLED.  While e-filing of individual returns ended nationwide for the remainder of this calendar year on 11/23/2013, business returns can still be e-filed.

However, December 20th at 10 am will be the last time this calendar year that you can file business returns through Drake.  We will re-open for transmissions on 1/2/2014, tentatively, and we expect IRS will begin taking those returns in early January.  A final date has not yet been announced.

NOTE:  Drake also plans to start receiving individual returns on 1/2/2014.  However, IRS will not start taking those until late January.  That date has not been determined, but it will likely be sometime between 1/28/2014 and 2/4/2014.

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