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IRS Announces Increased Transcript Limit for Tax Pros

IRS Announces Increased Transcript Limit for Tax Pros

The Internal Revenue Service says tax professionals spoke—and the agency listened. After getting comments from tax pros, the IRS has now increased the number of transcripts a professional preparer can get on any one client.

The previous limit was 10 transcripts for a single client, but now, the IRS says, practitioners can get up to 30 Transcript Delivery System (TDS) transcripts for a client using the Practitioner Priority Service line, also called PPS.

A variety of transcript types can be obtained through PPS and tax pros can order transcripts for up to five clients in a single call. The number of clients on a single call, however, hasn’t changed.

The new, increased limit covers:

  • Tax Return Transcripts
  • Tax Account Transcripts
  • Wage and Income Transcripts
  • Records of Account
  • Verification of Non-Filing Letters

Other transcripts continue to be limited to 10 per client and will count toward the total of 30 transcripts per client.

"Increasing the number of transcripts a caller can receive addresses the concerns the IRS has received from PPS callers. This is another example of addressing concerns from our partners and stakeholders," said Ken Corbin, the Wage and Investment Commissioner and the IRS Taxpayer Experience Officer.

Tax professionals can still order TDS transcripts through the Transcript Delivery System application, found on IRS.gov.

For individual taxpayers, the IRS tool Get Transcript is still the fastest way to get a transcript.

It’s worth remembering that while a transcript can show return and account data, it’s not a direct copy of the actual return. If a photocopy of a return is needed, complete and mail Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return, along with the applicable fee.

More information about tax transcripts and delivery options can be found at Transcript Types and Ways to Order Them on IRS.gov.

Source: IR-2021-226

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